Primate Light Pendant

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Brand: MM Digital Designs
MPN: LP0002

Lighting is one of the most important elements in any interior space. Our handmade hanging pendants are stylish art pieces with enough “flare” to light up a room. Constructed with sleek metallic hardware and high quality fabrics, these decorative accessories are both functional and beautiful.



Ceiling Rose
Metallic silver

Lamp Holder
E26 metallic silver

Electric Cable
6ft (2m) white glitter


  • 4" Chainette Fringe Trim
  • 3/8" Ribbon Trim

Design Story

Just another typical day in the dense jungle for these frolicsome primates. With delicious pineapples in abundance, there is no need to fight or quarrel over food. Instead, they pass the time either basking in the sun or in search of companionship.

Additional Info

All of our lighting is made to order and is therefore not eligible for return or refund. Please allow 21 days for production.

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