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Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions

How large are your samples and how do I order them?

Our wallpaper samples are digitally printed on our base smooth paper in a standard 8.5″x11″ inches. Firstly we recommend that you purchase a sample prior to placing an order so you can see color vibrancy and print quality. Also samples can be order by going to the wallpaper sample page.

 Are your wallpaper rolls “double” rolls?

Our rolls are sold in DOUBLE rolls which means that each double roll is 16 feet or 20 feet long (a single roll is 8 feet or 10 feet long). So, If your project requires two double rolls, for example, just order two of our rolls. Also, If you need two single rolls, order just one of our rolls.

What does print-to-order mean?

PTO (Print to Order) is a manufacturing process in which manufacturing starts only until a customer’s order is receive. All of our products are made to order which means we don’t have anything in stock.

I received a damaged roll but some of my paper is fine, what should I do?

STOP! Do not proceed any further. Then please call us immediately at (631) 449-3311, and please have your Order # handy. Also do not cut, trim or begin hanging any wallcovering if any of your wallcovering is damage.

What are lead times?

Lead time measures how long it takes to complete a process from beginning to end. In manufacturing, lead time often represents the time it takes to create a product and ship it to a consumer.

Lead times:
Throw Pillow (1-14 days)
Wallpaper (1-21 days)
Wallpaper Sample (1-14 days)
Lampshade (1-21 days)
Light Pendant (1-21 days)

How do I install wallpaper?

Please follow our detail Installation Instructions or email us at with any of your questions and we’d be more than happy to help.

How do I install hanging light pendant?

Please follow our detail Installation Instructions or email us at with any of your questions and we’d be more than happy to help.

What is Klarna Pay Later shopping how does it work?

Pay in 4. Split the cost of your purchase into 4 interest-free payments, paid every 2 weeks. and, No interest. also, no catch. Just more time to pay for the things you love. Learn more on our Klarna Landing Page.

Do you except returns?

Yes, we except returns if item is damaged, misprinted, or otherwise faulty.

Do you offer customization?

We offer a wide array of colorways and customization services. Sometimes you’re searching for that specific look to complete a space. That’s why most of our patterns can be modified in scale and color to fit your personal style and decor needs.

Do you license your designs?

Yes, Let’s join forces, shall we? I’m absolutely thrilled to chat about exciting collaborations, commissions, and freelance opportunities! Together, we’ll bring your unique vision to life and craft fresh, tailor-made designs that perfectly reflect you and your brand.