MM Digital Designs does the work for you and makes decorating your space simple. After the initial consultation, we will forward to you copies of sketches produced as well as a proposal outlining the next steps to take in the design process, including their associated costs. Our Creative and Design team is here to assist in fulfilling your request. We have talented artists with years of experience and know-how at your fingertips. Provide us with your design ideas and we will help turn your concept into an amazing piece of art.

Design From Scratch

Do you have an idea but don’t quite know how to go about creating it? Or maybe your just have a couple colors but no definitive design? Work side-by-side with our team of experienced designers to get your ideas on paper, “literally”. Let’s create art on wallpaper because bare walls are boring. Let’s bring color and joy back into our lives!

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Work With Your Designs


Collaborate with our talented design team and watch your idea and vision come to life.

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Send us a detailed design, photograph or illustration and we can create a stunning mural that will stop people in their tracks.

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Send us a detailed design, photograph or illustration We can take your design elements and motifs and create a seamless repeating pattern. Repeats are the most common and versatile form of wallcovering design.

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