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Contact Us for a Custom Mural or Wall paper?

We’ve got you covered!

Send us a detailed design, photograph or illustration and we can create a stunning mural that will stop people in their tracks.

Contact Us to Create Custom Mural & Wallpaper

MM Digital Designs strives to provide a wide array of colorways, but, they don’t stop there. You know when you’re searching for the specific look to complete a space but just can’t find it. Look no further, most of MM Digital Designs patterns can be modified in scale and color to fit your personal style and decor needs.

MM Digital Designs does the work for you and makes decorating your space simple. After an initial consultation, you will be forwarded copies of sketches produced followed by an email proposal outlining the next steps in the custom wallpaper design process.

MM Digital Designs talented staff of creative and design specialists are there to assist in every step of creating your custom wallpaper design. It’s as simple as providing MM Digital Designs with your design idea and they’ll help turn your concept into an amazing piece of art.

Don’t just take our word for it!

Evelyn Vollgraff (President) L.R.H.S

“MM Digital Designs was the only company on Long Island, NY willing to reproduce our wallpaper. People are amazed when we show them before and after pictures. Not only would I highly recommend MM Digital Designs. They are the only company I would use again.”

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