A Home Decor Brand Since 2012

Meet the team

Roberto, the print guy, is well versed in the ever changing technologies of the printing industry. He ensures our products stay true to color every time from print to print. Scott, the install guy, is a premier Wallcovering installer with over 30 years of servicing high end designers. He’s worked with designers such as Rob Southern, Peter Marino, and Elise Casey to name a few. Juan, the art guy, has a background in fine arts and graphic design. His strengths include running, organizing, and prioritizing all of our design projects.


Scott McDonald

Install Guy


Roberto Mosquea

Print Guy


Juan Mosquea

Art Guy

Our Story

With decades of experience in the printing and wallpaper industry, co-founders Roberto, Juan and Scott set out to reshape the décor market. Many prints, R&D sessions, and boxes of coffee later, MM Digital Designs was born. Accompanied by two M’s, which symbolize their last names, Mosquea & McDonald, Digital Designs refers to the computer generated, made to order, bespoke products they offer to the design community.

Why we started

The need for artistic, customizable, and easy to apply wallpaper was where our quest began. Then Wallpaper has come a long way from just being decorative backdrops for furnishings. It shifted into a mainstay element for interior designers to build their vision around. Advancements in technology now allow for shorter runs, more material options, more colors, and a lower carbon footprint on the environment. This is all good news for consumers looking for high quality products that are hyper personalized to their tastes.


Our mission is to produce artistic & meaningful décor for everyone”. Rooms should be fill with conversation starters not awkward silence moments. Our patterns are not just aesthetic backdrops as they’re each inspired by meaningful stories. We create them to beautify and turn interiors into visual narrations.

What the future holds

We will continue to expand and extend our design and product lines as we grow. Our catalogs of pillows, lampshades, lamp pendants, bath towels, shower curtains and wallpaper can be easily matched to quickly pull a look together. We see endless opportunities up ahead especially when it comes to licensing!

We are all designers deep down inside.