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Meet the team

Roberto – The Print Expert: With an in-depth understanding of the dynamic advancements in the printing industry, Roberto ensures unparalleled consistency in color accuracy across all our products. His commitment to excellence ensures that every print resonates with precision and quality, time after time. Scott – The Installation Maestro: Boasting over three decades of experience, Scott stands as a distinguished Wallcovering installer, trusted by top-tier designers globally. His esteemed collaborations include renowned names such as Rob Southern, Peter Marino, and Elise Casey, underscoring his expertise and dedication to impeccable craftsmanship. Juan – The Artistic Visionary: Armed with a rich background in fine arts and graphic design, Juan excels in orchestrating and prioritizing our diverse design projects. His creative prowess infuses each piece with a unique blend of aesthetic appeal and narrative depth.


Scott McDonald

Install Guy


Roberto Mosquea

Print Guy


Juan Mosquea

Art Guy

Our Story

Drawing upon decades of collective experience in the printing and wallpaper industry, co-founders Roberto, Juan, and Scott embarked on a transformative journey to redefine the décor landscape. Accompanied by two M’s, which symbolize their last names, Mosquea & McDonald. Digital Designs epitomizes our commitment to crafting bespoke, computer-generated products tailored to elevate the design community’s creative vision.

Why we started

Our journey was inspired by a growing demand for artistic, customizable, and user-friendly wallpaper solutions. Wallpaper has transcended its traditional role as mere decorative backdrop, evolving into a pivotal design element that interior designers leverage to conceptualize and realize their creative visions. With technological advancements enabling shorter production runs, diverse material options, expanded color palettes, and a reduced environmental footprint, consumers now have access to premium, personalized products that resonate with their unique aesthetic sensibilities.


At the heart of our mission lies a passion for crafting artistic and meaningful décor that sparks conversations and enriches living spaces. We believe rooms should be adorned with captivating elements that inspire dialogue, rather than mere decorative pieces. Each of our patterns is a testament to this philosophy, meticulously designed to encapsulate compelling narratives and transform interiors into visually captivating stories.

What the future holds

As we continue to evolve and grow, we remain committed to expanding our design and product offerings to meet the diverse needs of our clientele. Our curated collections of pillows, lampshades, towels, shower curtains, and wallpapers are thoughtfully designed to effortlessly coalesce and create cohesive, harmonious spaces. With a keen eye on the horizon, we envision boundless opportunities ahead, particularly in the realm of licensing, as we strive to further enrich our offerings and extend our reach in the global décor market.

We are all designers deep down inside.